Double Happiness

In Chinese tradition, the character for happiness, xi (喜) is doubled for the wedding day to signify the happiness of the couple and the joining of their families. This character, , painted onto or cut from red paper is placed all around the home of the newly weds; plastered to walls, windows and furniture and will typically remain there until it falls of it's own accord.

This double happiness is painted by 段宝斋 (Duan, Bao-Zhai), a renowned calligrapher from Xi'an and Kewei's grandfather. His marriage has lasted seventy three years to date and is still going strong. We feel that if anyone should paint this character, it should be him. This way, we bring this eternity to the double happiness calligraphy, from paper into precious metal jewellery. 

Double Happiness Gold Pendent


Solid 18ct yellow gold pendant attached to an 18ct gold chain with two garnet settings. The red of the garnets compliments the gold beautifully, and is strongly associated with love, energy and passion in China.