These jewellery designs are appealing and satisfying on a number of levels. They are beautiful pieces, with flowing shapes that intrigue the eye. And they are more than just pretty shapes. They have depth and weight, giving a sense of permanence and constancy. They last longer than a spoken word, and are more enduring than characters on paper.


More than that, each piece is a statement with profound meaning. They represent concepts that are more valuable even than the precious metal in which they are cast. Each piece represents an idea of great human importance, symbolized in a flowing Chinese character. These are ideas of such potency that reserved Chinese people hesitate to speak them. And here you see them expressed with clarity and grace.


In these pieces, the beautiful flowing movements of the calligrapher’s brush are captured and given substance. Their weight reflects the depth of meaning that they bring. Each is a token and a symbol; a meaningful and precious keepsake for you or for someone very special.

 Love - Ài


Ài is a character that expresses movement and togetherness. Perhaps you can see the couple dancing to their favourite song, the mother looking after her child, or  “Xin” (心), the Chinese character for “heart” emerging from the design. This piece embodies the caring and passionate love that a couple feel for one another.

                                                                                         Family - Jiā


See the shelter protecting the family from the elements. Chinese families are strong and supportive, giving love and nurturing their members. A heart is incorporated in the line that flourishes beneath the shelter, with a wing on the back to acknowledge that family is where the heart resides. This is piece expresses the best in family life.

Joy - Lè


Here we see the calligrapher combining elements in a single flowing line, to create a design with beauty and depth of meaning.  It incorporates a big smile into the design, while also referencing the clefs found in musical notation. Music is a source of happiness and an expression of joy to many, and indeed this character can also be pronounced as 'Yuè', which means music.