Beyond Calligraphy


Kewei Design was founded in Britain and we manufacture all of our jewellery here. We believe that by using modern techniques we can bring calligraphy on the next step of its evolution, and at the same time create stunning pieces of jewellery.


Calligraphy has a long, rich history and can trace its roots to over 4500 years ago. From ancient times, developing technology has allowed the art to progress in new ways. Characters have been found scratched into turtle shells and pottery, carved into stone and cast into bronze.


The invention of paper during the Han dynasty gave the clarity of black ink on a white background and brought new artistic freedoms to the calligrapher. This basic idea has lasted for about two thousand years. It also allowed calligraphy to move from stationary objects and become portable; painting characters on a fan for example to show ones status.

We believe that by embracing modern technological advances we can bring calligraphy on the next step of its journey. Our method allows us to exactly replicate the characters painted by hand and breathe life into them by giving them three dimensional form in precious metal, with or without further embellishment.

This, along with much experimentation, has lead to the development of what we consider to be a stunning set of jewellery that looks as if the calligrapher had dipped his brush in the metal rather than ink. We are passionate about jewellery and believe we are conveying something completely new and unique into it.

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