For a truly unique piece, we are pleased to be able to offer a tailored service. Together we will find the best embodiment of what you'd like to express, be it a single character, a poem, or something else entirely.


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For Kavitha - 凯维莎

This bespoke piece was designed for Kavitha, using her name as the starting point. Kewei spent quite some time to develop the feeling and emotions in his writing, ensuring that it reflects her upbeat and complex personality as best as possible.


Beyond the choice of characters, it was how to write them. Which brush would help him to create the form in his mind, the choice of paper and ink combination to get the right flow and absorbance.


 (Above) Only once he picked up the brush and felt it against the paper could Kewei complete the exploration of ideas and feelings and how he wanted to express them.


(Right) After testing some ideas, the final piece of calligraphy for Kavitha is complete





Kavitha wanted to have the calligraphy represented as a pendant. In order to achieve this we  take advantage of contemporary techniques such as scanning and additive manufacture to create an exact replication of the calligraphy in the desired form.


We are not limited to jewellery, and would be interested to hear about any other ideas you may have.









With precise polish and finish, the final piece of jewellery is ready to be worn. It conveys the full story and soul of the original painted calligraphy, and gains much more in the transformation into precious metal. It is as if Kewei dipped his brush in metal.


This is a unique piece that will never again be made, from calligraphy that will never again be painted.





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